Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Concert Review: My Morning Jacket

Already one of my favorite live acts, I knew that My Morning Jacket would deliver on a great show. There was no opening act and doors opened at 7, so I had a feeling that this show was going to be epic, and indeed it was. From opener "Evil Urges" to closer "One Big Holiday," Jim James and crew relentlessly pounded on their instruments and bounced around the stage with seemingly endless energy. It has always impressed me about them that no matter if they're playing a midnight show at Bonnaroo or playing a medium size city in the middle of a long tour, they play like their life depends on it. James is perhaps the most fun musician to watch on stage as he thrashes around on his guitar, hides behind a cape as he sings, and most impressive, slides across the stage. The show showcased My Morning Jackets cohesiveness as a group. They seamlessly integrate extended jams and solos into their already epic songs, making improvisation look planned. The material from "Evil Urges" surprisingly fits in nicely with some of their older material, even though it doesn't necessarily sound similar at all. The highlights were predictable, as they always are at an MMJ show, but were still incredible. They included a romp through "Off the Record" and the dueling guitars of "Lay Low," but undoubtedly the best moment of the night was the last, "One Big Holiday." This might be a little biased because it's one of my all-time favorite songs, but I think the band closes with this song because it blows everything else out of the water. Even after almost six years of playing that song night after night, the band still rocks out the hardest of it and doesn't hold back a single bit. All and all, I'd say that this show will easily make my list of top 5 shows of the year. A solid effort from the boys from Louisville.
Grade: A+

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