Saturday, October 18, 2008

Concert Review: Mirah

Last night was one of the shortest, yet most pleasant concert-going experiences I've ever had when I saw Mirah with No Kids at Skully's in Columbus. The doors opened early, at 6:30, and by 7, No Kids were on and playing. They were an okay band that grew on me the longer they played, but they had no energy and their songs got a bit repetitive as they went on. Finally, at around 8, came Mirah. When she came out to get set up, she just grabbed the mic, not bothering to even have the mystery of coming on stage to start. Though she was playing without the use of her pinkie, which she'd cut a few days prior, Mirah very sweetly worked her way through several new and recent songs. Just her on stage with the guitar, and less than 100 people in the audience, it felt like she was playing for a group of friends and was easily the most intimate show I've ever been to. In between songs, her banter was cheerful and warm, and she communicated with the crowd like we were a single friend standing before her. The show was no longer than an hour, and was done by 9, but the songs warmed me up so much inside, I didn't care.
Grade: A

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