Wednesday, October 3, 2007


That's the best summation of my show today. Hopefully I surprised you all with a lot of new/unreleased material, and I got a surprise myself today. If you missed listening, I had some guests on the show today in the form of Plastic Parachute, a "female-lead power punk" group from L.A. I guess they had a show here last night, and were stopping by campus to drop off a copy of their self released album. I was in the middle of my show when Mikey (KWUR GM) walks in and asks if I want to have a band on the air. Of course I agree, what you'll hear in my show is what happened. After listening to more of the cd, it's pretty good. I'll be sure to play more of them in the future. They'll also be playing in St. Louis again on December 11th at Cicero's. But you'll hear more about that as it gets closer. That's really it for now, if you missed the show, as always here it is:

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