Wednesday, October 17, 2007

No, I Can't

So I've scored an interview with The Mountain Goats! It's only an email interview, but I mean I'm excited to interview one of my all time favorite artists. I'm writing it for the music magazine Eleven here on campus, but hopefully I'll be able to reprint it here for anyone that stops by and reads the blog. I know we've been a bit behind in posting here, but it's going to pick up. I'm also going to start writing for the KWUR blog, so check that out. Until the interview drops just keep stopping by, it's nice to see you once in awhile. And remember to listen to our shows. I'll have the post with the mp3 of todays show up later.

P.S. try and find the Mountain Goats reference. I even gave you a little hint.

1 comment:

Guy in a Skeleton Suit said...

Very interesting. Looking forward to the interview. I'll have to study to find the hidden reference.