Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Amazing news, no? Well if that's not good enough, and you can't wait to hear the new stuff, listen in to my show tomorrow. I'll be playing one of the new songs from their set at Bonnaroo two years ago. And then you can bet I'll be waiting up next Wednesday to download the album, so you'll be able to hear a new track that day. You won't even have to go to their website and not pay anything to get the album! That's about it for now.

I got the discbox. Yeah it was expensive, but each one is made to order! Plus you get the extra disc and vinyl and all that jazz.

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Cody Baldwin said...

finally, i love radiohead! i tried to do this with my album but i dont have a fan base as large as radiohead. so i sold 0 albums and gave away about 10--with no idea if anybody downloaded it. do you have an open blogroll? you're on mine. exchange?