Wednesday, December 12, 2007

In Rainbows Discbox

So yesterday I received my In Rainbows Discbox, and I must say I got my moneys worth. Not only is the package beautiful, everything else is too. The lyrics sheet is cool, it's center justified so it looks interesting. The picture booklet is a bunch of paint splatters and is kind of interesting. The cover art is just like the website, and while not a surprise is nicely done. The high quality tracks from the album are great to have. And who wouldn't want the second disc of music? I must say that my only complaints are that the two cds are kept in place by those foam circle things, which I can't stand because it's nearly impossible to get CDs back on them. All in all, great box, was worth the money. So if you like Radiohead and have the cash, get one. But make sure you get it fast, they're done making new ones, and they aren't making new ones.

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