Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dear Rockers...

In the midst of taking a break from studying for my last exam, I came across this interesting new site that makes the music industry a little bit more fun and enjoyable. The site I'm talking about is Dear Rockers. It's a simple concept really, one suggested by others, but elegantly done here. It's basically paying back artists for the music you love but somehow stole. But Dear Rockers makes it fun. So here's what you do, first find an artist you illegally downloaded music from, write a letter to this artist, making it as creative and fun as you want, send a picture of the letter to Dear Rockers, use Dear Rockers to find the address of the artist, and then send the artist at least $5 paying your respect for the music you love. And while you could easily just do this on your own, what makes Dear Rockers so fun is that it's like a post secret for stealing music. People get to be creative, musicians get their money, it's a win-win for everyone. Check it out, maybe get some guilt off your chest, just have fun with it. Site's like Dear Rockers are what makes the internet a great place for music.

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