Friday, December 19, 2008

Chuck Berry: Is Rock N' Roll

On December 13th, I had the distinct pleasure of attending one of Chuck Berry's all-ages show at The Pageant. Playing for little over an hour, in addition to his regular band, Chuck was joined on stage by his son and grandson on guitar, as well as his daughter on harmonica and vocals. Rather then having a set list, Chuck took requests from the audience. This produced some great moments, a perfect example of which is when he sang happy birthday to a member of the crowd, adding the line "How old are you? How old are you? I'm 82."

Overall, the night was one of the most entertaining concerts I have attended. The fact that he is still putting on shows, and good ones at that, goes to show just what Chuck Berry has done for music. Hopefully he is still playing when I can attend one of his monthly shows at Blueberry Hill.

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