Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Review: The Pageant

So last night I got to experience The Pageant for the first time. I was there to see Regina Specktor, who was amazing, and now I want to give my thoughts on the place.

First off, the way they deal with minors there is horrible. I had to pay $2 just because I was under-21. That's just a stupid idea in general. Does the Pageant have to pay for each minor in attendance? I highly doubt it. It seems to me they just want to make some more money off of the people who won't be buying drinks. And while the design of the place is kind of cool, pit by the stage, raised seating areas on the side, bar at the back centered to the stage, and a balcony on top, it sucks for minors. Last night I came in on one side, but my friends were on the other. Now I couldn't cross by going upstairs or across the back of the room, those were 21 and over, so I had to cross through the pit. The pit was full, and thankfully a security guard still let me through; but I still had to force my way across, pissing off plenty of other concertgoers in the process. Now this sucked, alot, but it didn't entirely ruin the night.

The Pageant puts on a good show. The atmosphere in the seated section is nice. I actually got to sit down and stay seated for the show. The shows started as expected, the lighting was good, and the seats were comfortable. But in addition to the whole being lame when it comes to minors, The Pageant also has a few other flaws. First off, the merch table was awkwardly located in a side room off of the hallway you walk through to get to the stage. Second, while they did have a water fountain, if you wanted a cup you had to pay $2; another way to squeeze money out of us. Neither of these was really that bad though.

So overall, I'm going to give The Pageant a grade of C+

I loved the pit/seat thing they have going, and I give them props for the overall look of the place, both inside and out (it looks like a renovated theater), but the whole way they treat minors at the place just really bugs me. I really shouldn't have to pay $2 to get in, just because I'm under-21, and thats that. If they change that, they would be a much better venue.

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