Friday, May 8, 2009

Changes Afoot

As my tenure as a DJ for WDUB has ended, this blog is going to be changing a little bit. Andrew and I are working on a way to make it better, but for now, expect to see more general posting as, come Monday, I'll be completely done with classes. I'm also trying to figure out the possibility of doing a podcast and the legality behind that, so stay tuned for more information! Now, how about some awesome stuff:

1. Wilco (The Album) Cover
Yep. This is it. And it's amazing.

2. Animal Collective on Letterman
Dave had a few jokes to go with AC's performance on his show last night, but their performance of "Summertime Clothes" is pretty awesome, especially the dancers. Check it out below.

3. New Jason Lytle Video
I was fan of Grandaddy, and I have to say that the new album from former front man Jason Lytle, Yours Truly, the Commuter, is fantastic. Here's the video for the track "I Am Lost (And the Moment Cannot Last)."

I Am Lost (And the Moment Cannot Last) from jason lytle on Vimeo.

4. New Regina Spektor
Regina has a new album, Far, coming out on June 23. Visit her MySpace to hear "Laughing With," a new song off the album.

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